“Look up more often.”



“Seeking closure is a form of ruminating on the past. Try to work on letting whatever it is, just be.”

When we seek closure, we seek the end to a story, the resolving of a past. Seeking closure means in some way, we are uncomfortable with the idea of not being in control of the past, and in turn, the future.

But sometimes, not having a definite end to a story is okay. After all, the mind is naturally uncomfortable with definites – we always want to go back and change things even when we think we’ve reached a certain level of satisfaction – and thus tend to be caught up in a never-ending cycle of dissatisfaction, all because our definites are not “good enough”.

So, even if we received that closure we sought, that satisfaction is only temporary; we are always left wanting more.

That’s why, focusing on the present is extremely important. By allowing ourselves to be momentarily not in control, and allowing ourselves to be uncomfortable with indefinites, we are not only letting go of the past, but are getting one step closer to achieving the everlasting satisfaction that we once sought in different ways.